About Me

I am fully qualified and have over twenty years experience in product design, I have always been involved in wood from my early childhood. My true vocation is design and my passion has always been the beauty of nature in the way it creates the flow and imperfections of wood

My many years spent holidaying in Wester Ross as a child climbing the mountains, walking through the glens, looking at nature in its wild raw state has moulded me into the person I am today. Every piece I create gives me great pleasure, each one to me is part of me and I do feel sadness when I am parted from it, but realise the enjoyment it will bring others.

I enjoy working mostly with native Scottish hardwoods such as Oak, Yew, Sycamore, and Ash. I also like to use American Black Walnut as inlays and detailing, I am currently incorporating into my designs fused glass and stone.

I always remember that I am just a stage in the life of the wood, enhancing its state from the raw natural beauty to a more tamed beauty, I also feel the buyer is a guardian for the piece of wood, its like a piece of art you are only a keeper for a period of time then it passes on to someone else.

I can spend hours just looking at the wood asking myself where will I start the cut, which line to follow and ultimately how can I keep the natural beauty of the wood. The look and feel of the piece is always down to the flow and the weather conditions in which the tree lived, this dictates the tightness of grain, knots and the little defects, all in which I think add character to the piece.

I always like to give as much history as possible when someone buys my art; type of wood, where it originated, how old the tree was when it was felled. When someone knows that their piece of wood comes from say the Culzean Castle forest it gives them a more in touch feel with the environment, rather than thinking it comes from someone’s workshop.